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Jan. 5th, 2020 03:30 pm
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If you need to talk to me, just talk here. Comments are screened, IP logging off, anon enabled, no worries.

EDIT: Also, have a permissions post that I forgot existed here.

IC contact

Jan. 4th, 2020 03:37 pm
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Tails cellphone

Call - Text - Voicemail - Picture - Internet - Video - IM - Music

"Hey, this is Tails. If I'm not at the phone right now, that means I'm working or with Sonic to stop Eggman again. Please leave a message."

Email: twotailmechanic@bawmail.uf
AIM: Tailed Mech
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Name: Miles Thorndyke

Age: 13 (DOB: 11/3/1999)

Nationality/Heritage: British American

Hometown: New York, New York (Though he was actually born in a London hospital)

+ Both of his parents are actors. His dad usually stars in B-rated movies while his mom usually works in the UK (his mom is british).
+ He's a citizen of both the US and the UK, thanks to his mom.
+ He moved to Los Angeles, California when he was eight years old.
+ Like his character, he's very smart for his age, but not at genius level like Tails
+ He's also not nearly as mature or nice as Tails.
+ Has a passing interest in girls, but his standards for a girlfriend is a little too high.
+ He does have a lot of friends with both fellow actors as well as a few school friends.
+ Hates school as much as any other kid.
+ Is quite the popular child actor, especially among kids. Though morso in america than britain
+ Stared in a couple movies and was even an extra in one of the Harry Potter movies.

I think that's about it. Plotting with me here is totally fine.
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While Tails is fine at the moment, I know I will reach a certain point with him where I will likely need to make a decision with him (assuming I don't drop him, which isn't anytime soon don't worry). I have been trying to plan ahead so I'm not in a stand-still. Here are my back-ups plans

Cut just because )
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It's been long enough since the last one so here's a new one and a first on DW.

✒✒ )
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Normally I would wait a few more months, but I kinda needed to, and I figured why not.

✦✦ )
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He had been using chaos control to travel to other worlds and attack others. He had already attacked a few people, and was searching for another one. He wasn't aware of him being tracked down.

Calming him or taking him will not be an easy task due to Tails' mind being in chaos and full of anger and fear. He's also has not tired yet either in terms of strength and energy.
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Ever since Tails had been zapped by the shard of the fake chaos emeralds, he has been feeling rather ill, not only physically, but emotionally too. While the zap itself didn't hit that much, the prolonged exposure was making the negative chaos energy in his body slowly build up, and it was making his stomach turn. He could not get any sleep at all that night because he felt too restless and had spent all of next day feeling like crap. He tried distracting himself with things, but it didn't help.

He took the shards to inside his workshop below his house, since he never moved from his home in Sonic Adventure, and tried to destroy them for good to see if the feeling would go away. However, the sickness overwhelmed him before he could even strike them. So now, he's sitting next to the wall across from his work table, breathing rather heavily. He's trying his best not to throw up and his ears were drooped.

The door to the workshop is unlocked so anyone could walk in and see Tails in a rather ugly state of baggy eyes and looking kinda green in the face. Also, an extra mini notebook is hidden in the background.
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I'm waay overdue for one, but I hadn't had the chance to do it until now.

★★ )

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After his talk with Xelloss, he got in his big world-hopping bi-plane and started it up. He was glad he had expanded the plane when he finshed fixing it those months ago so that he can pick people up when he needed to.

After a moment, he starts taking off. "World-hop mode, engage."

He puts the destination information into the Miles Electric, which was now attached to the plane and then presses a button next to the computer. A laser shoots out and creates a portal. He flys it into the portal and comes out of it into Xelloss' world.

He looks down as he flys around in the sky, trying to find Xelloss. He hoped it wouldn't take too long to find him.
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Yes I know I have an official one for Tails, but I figured why not.

The How's My Driving? Meme
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It's a work in progress since I haven't finalized his persona yet, but I really appreciate feedback on this.

I am a shadow. The true self... )
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Since the last one, my plans have changed enough where I'll have to make a new one. This one however is not as solid as the last one, since I learned my lesson, plus I dunno how much more it'll change in the future.

Ignore this if you don't care or still want to be surprised. )
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I know it's rather early to post this, but I figured I get it out of the way.

Cut for those who want to be surprised )
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Tails was sitting upstairs in his home with his arms crossed in a very bad mood. He has been feeling angry all day and it's taking all his will not to scream at people. He hasn't felt this angry since the whole incident with Eris a while back. Thankfully it's not as bad this time around, but it was annoying to deal with.

He didn't bother to go to his pouch to lower a rope ladder, though there are stone steps in order to get to the cliff where the workshop and home was. His Rhythm Badge was inside a wooden box hidden in his room. He figured it would be difficult for Kid to get it if he was right there where the prize is. He hoped he doesn't get too ballistic as he rather not have a repeat.
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Move along. Nothing to see here.

Character Name: Miles "Tails" Prower
Character Journal: [livejournal.com profile] twotailmechanic
Comment Links: 20+

Just in case though, here are 7 + 4 using a temporary account [livejournal.com profile] notailmechanic again. -_-;;


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