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Name: Miles Thorndyke

Age: 13 (DOB: 11/3/1999)

Nationality/Heritage: British American

Hometown: New York, New York (Though he was actually born in a London hospital)

+ Both of his parents are actors. His dad usually stars in B-rated movies while his mom usually works in the UK (his mom is british).
+ He's a citizen of both the US and the UK, thanks to his mom.
+ He moved to Los Angeles, California when he was eight years old.
+ Like his character, he's very smart for his age, but not at genius level like Tails
+ He's also not nearly as mature or nice as Tails.
+ Has a passing interest in girls, but his standards for a girlfriend is a little too high.
+ He does have a lot of friends with both fellow actors as well as a few school friends.
+ Hates school as much as any other kid.
+ Is quite the popular child actor, especially among kids. Though morso in america than britain
+ Stared in a couple movies and was even an extra in one of the Harry Potter movies.

I think that's about it. Plotting with me here is totally fine.
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I posted this more as a reference to myself than anything, but here's more information.

Miles "Tails" Prower
Blood Status: Half-blood
Age: 11 (Same as normal)
Year: One
House: Gryffindor
Family: Amadus Prower (Wizard father; living), Rosemary (Muggle mother; deceased)
Wand: 12", Dragon heartstring, and Holly wood
History: He was born to a father, who was a pro quidditch player, that was forced to retire because of some controversy with having a child out of a wedlock, and said mother being a muggle. Also, it was because of an injury he sustained, and therefore he wouldn't have been able to play anyway. His muggle mother died giving birth to him, so Tails grew up in the wizarding world with his father.

He was picked on by other children because of his father, so he didn't have many friends. During Tails' early life, he gained the nickname "Tails" due to a magical incident involving him gaining two fox tails (that was fixed after spending a month at St. Mungo's Hospital).

Dream: To follow in his father's footsteps and become a pro quidditch player.

EDIT: Classes (In no real order)

Flying: Professor James Potter
History: Professor Miles Edgeworth
Potions: Professor Crocker
DADA: Professor Cross
Transfiguration: Professor Eames
Astronomy: Professor Doctor
Charms: Professors Dee and Ryo
Herbology: Professor V


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