The Harvest Moon Meme!

Sep. 13th, 2017 02:49 am
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The Meme

You have somehow ended up with a farm. What now.


Okay, okay. Some more direction could be helpful. The RNG. Options which are, of course, optional:

1. You have been given an animal. Something possibly awkward like a cow, a yak, a dog, or a chicken. You may or may not know what to do with this animal. Giving it back doesn't seem to be working.

2. You know what's really hard? Farming. Doing the entire tilling crops thing, watering, sowing seeds, whatever. You're an example, a warrior, sword in hand, shield in other hand, this isn't your thing. Some help would be nice.

3. You've spent your time seducing the people of the town and basically have everyone up to a red heart, which, for those of you who aren't familiar with the franchise, basically means that you're now in a harem anime. This obviously can't last forever, or...can it? (It will probably not.)

4. Okay, so you decided to resolve this issue by popping the question with a blue feather. Will they say yes?

5. You're going to participate in a festival, which is basically a big party. So yeah. Enjoy partying.

6. Forget partying, you're in some sort of competition that's going to be totally awesome and you're totally going to win it and not that other chump over there. If you need a more specific idea of a competition to compete in, default to fishing. (But it's just a suggestion. If you want a pie eating competition, go for the pie.)

7. You're abandoning your farm and living a life of adventure! Heck yeah!

[Gently taken from Usami's musebox.]


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