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While Tails is fine at the moment, I know I will reach a certain point with him where I will likely need to make a decision with him (assuming I don't drop him, which isn't anytime soon don't worry). I have been trying to plan ahead so I'm not in a stand-still. Here are my back-ups plans

This is rather old news and are just regarded as rumors for now (Sega has yet to say anything about it), but... if this turns out to be true, aside from being angry at Sega for pulling a stupid move that could kill the franchise. I would need to decide what to do with him. While Tails might be brought with into the reboot, it'll likely be a different Tails than I play or care for. So what would I do in this worst-case situation?

A) I might have his world suddenly destroy itself and Tails having an IC hiatus for a week. He would reappear in someone else's world and would live with them until he could make another world-hop or gain one. He may even go from world to world and not have a permanent world.


B) I would re-set him at a certain point. I would rather not have to do this since I would really hate to lose all that CR. I may or may not have to do this option even if I use Option A first.

Now, assuming the above is false and Tails has his 16th birthday (He's currently 13 unless Sega decides to reveal his age at this point), I would need to do one of two things.

A) I would need to find PBs of some kind. I've been looking for fan-art for years and I haven't had much luck. The closest I got is that one fanart I found for his future self during Me, Myself, and I virus. I'm hoping to find more like this one. If I had a scanner, I would just try to draw him instead (even though I'm not really an artist). We will have to see.


B) Again, like above, resetting him. I would also likely adjust his age so it would fit the timeline better. As I said, I rather not do this, but this is a last resort (aside from dropping)

It doesn't look like much, but I've been pretty much planning it out for a long time. It's not likely to change, but who knows with the next Sonic game or how life is in the future?

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