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It's been long enough since the last one so here's a new one and a first on DW.

CR Chart #3

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
[personal profile] heinz_doof

Tails and him have a "bad friendship" between each other, though they need to sorta hide it now from Perry. Tails still feels sorry for him, but has gotten (mostly) used to Heinz' weirdness. He hopes someday Heinz will give up being evil, but he's not holding his breathe for that.

Roze Thomas
[personal profile] makewayforroze

One of Tails' friends from the community. They haven't talked much lately, but otherwise, nothing much more to say.

Peter Kirkland (aka Sealand)
[personal profile] defactonation

One of Tails' friends from the community and a personification of the micro-nation of Sealand. They haven't talked very much, but he would like to get to know him more and he is curious about Sealand's world (especially since in Tails' world, micro-nations don't exist.)

Scrooge McDuck
[personal profile] madeitsquare

They have chatted a few times, but other than that, not much. Tails thinks he's a nice guy and while he wouldn't outright say this ICly, but it feels nice to him when there are other fellow talking animals around in the community. He would like to get to know him better.

Kurt Hummel
[personal profile] notasinglelady

They have talked a few times, but not much. Tails would like to make friends with him.

Metal Sonic
[personal profile] loathsomecopy

His (currently) only cast-mate in DDD. He's clearly from an alternate timeline where he didn't revert back to his old form when Team Sonic kicked his ass in Sonic Heroes. Tails doesn't trust him at all, but will remain civil towards him. Has kicked Metal's ass by himself during the second Dark Super Tails event, but he's been meaning to apologize to him for that since it was uncalled for.

Eris (Greek Goddess of Chaos) [DROPPED]
[personal profile] chaosgoddess

The last goddess that had been a member of the community. She had been responsible for causing Tails much grief during both Dark Super Tails plots, as well as mess with Tails. Her last gift had him stuck as a robot. He's relieved that she's gone, but he knows it's possible she'll come back.

Minako Arisato [DROPPED]
[personal profile] foolsarcana

He didn't know her that well since they only chatted with each other a little, but she seemed rather nice (except for when they were both hit with Pride during the second Sins/Virtues virus, but he was being a jerk too, so it's even).

Gellert Grindelwald
[personal profile] darklycharming

He's only spoken to him after he and a few others helped him snap out of it during the second Dark Super Tails plot. He's thankful for his help and wouldn't mind making friends with him.

Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter
[personal profile] thunder_empress

One of Tails' friends from the community. He knows about her identity as Sailor Jupiter and supports her. When she temporary died near the end of the first season, her death had hit him harder than all the other deaths he's witnessed on the community (mainly because he had become friends with her beforehand.) He's gotten over it now that she's fine now.

Old CR That Hasn't Moved Over Yet (and may not do so)

Xelloss ([ profile] astralwhirlwind) - One of Tails' friends from the community. He seems rather weird to Tails, but is otherwise a nice guy. He assumes that Xelloss isn't human, but has yet to have it confirmed by him.

Naoto Shirogane ([ profile] truthinfortune) - He has only spoken to her a couple times, though he did go to her Christmas party once. He would like to speak to her again, but he's assumes that she's been let go from the community (which may end up being true or not).


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