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It's a work in progress since I haven't finalized his persona yet, but I really appreciate feedback on this.


Tails' arcana is the Sun.

Optimism---Expansion---Being radiant---Positive feelings


Assurance---Energy---Personal power---Happiness

Splendor---Brilliance---Joy ---Enthusiasm


Name: Unlike Tails, he prefers to be called by his given name Miles (or by his last name Prower, he'll accept either one). He'll get upset if he's being called by his nickname since he's the "real" Tails, after all.

Description: Miles will look like Tails except with yellow eyes, and he'll be dressed in Dr. Eggman's suit with a white lab coat over it.

Personality: Tails was bullied a lot by the other animals on Cocoa Island when he was little, due to his twin tails and because of his love of airplanes and any technology made by humans. He tries to hide the fact that he feels he is a freak of nature, and because of this, his shadow will not believe others when they say otherwise (it'll even claim this is the reason his parents abandoned him). At the same time though, his shadow will have a rather big ego and thinks he's above everyone else in intelligence. The only exception to that is Dr. Eggman, whom the shadow respects...for the most part. He'll also act like one of those shady doctors that try to convince their patients to do unnecessary surgeries for more money.

He also hates Sonic due to envying his popularity and because he feels that Sonic only friended Tails because he could keep up. He also envies his power, though Tails still feels guilt for the Dark Super Tails fiasco. Tails have felt frustration of not being taken seriously sometimes so the shadow will get angry if treated like a kid.

Dungeon/Environment: It'll be a huge skyscraper high-tech building with a lot of high-tech traps and springs. People will need to watch their step - it's a LONG way down. Also, they will be plenty of flying enemies too.

The Shadow's 'True Form'

Name: It doesn't have one


It symbolizes his feelings of how he believes he doesn't belong, plus the part of him going out of control (The Dark Super Tails incident). It's not too tough, but it takes a while to take down and is strong against most attacks (but it's weak to ice).

Level: 57/58-ish?


Name: Aguara (Unless someone can give me a better name for it)

Description: A white kitsune cub (two tails) with blue eyes and golden armor (think Golden Compass/Chronicles of Narnia). Slightly bigger than Tails (It's big enough to be able to carry Tails on it's back like a horse, no problem).

Role/Category: Healbot

Level: 75?

Elemental Resistance:

Resist: Light
Block: None
Absorb: None
Reflect: Fire
Weak: Ice


Agidyne: Inflicts a large amount of Fire damage on one enemy.
Maragion: Inflicts a moderate amount of Fire damage on all enemies.
Mahamaon: 40% chance of instant death from the power of Light on all enemies.
Diarahan: Recovers all HP to one ally.
Mediarama: Recovers a moderate amount of HP of all allies.
Mind Charge: The next Fire, Ice, Electrical, Wind, or Almighty magic attack will be 2.5 times greater in power. Self.
Dekaja: Cancels -kaja effects. All enemies.
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